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Impressive sample solutions

Makers of custom sample presentations


Maxxisample is based on the long experience of a strong team which has a good expertise of processing samples. This in combination with Venttri, more than 40 years producer of samplebooks, binders and other promotion materials.

To improve the synergy in the process of developing and producing a complete product we have chosen to move all the operations to a common dominator. In this configuration, we are confident that we are stronger and better, which can be expected in the quality of our products.

Complete service and high quality are our main goals. This makes that our customers can get further in their own business.

About Maxxisample

Sample presentations


Window decoration



Upholstery fabrics


Product example

Maxxisample, in collaboration with its sister company Venttri (specialist in presentation products), takes care of cutting the samples and attaching them to the cards. This collection is a great example of the unique one-stop-shopping solution of Venttri and Maxxisample. In cooperation we provide sample books from A to Z. What kind of customised sample presentation may we create for you?

Maxxipresentations Group

Venttri and Maxxisample are “Members of the Maxxipresentations Group”, a unique combination. Together we offer you the complete process, from sample books to sample productions. From concept to finished product. And all of this through a single point of contact: one-stop-shopping.